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Dragon Ball Super - How Goku Could Beat Jiren the Gray - Lessons From The Dragon Ball Super Manga - 3 Ways Goku Can Beat Jiren The Grey

As the Universal Survival Saga continues I have speculated on how the Arc will end.  To see some of my prior thoughts please check out my prior posts below.

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For those of you who don't know, there is a corresponding manga that trails the Dragon Ball Super television series.  For the most part the arcs are the same. And, this is especially true in regards to the characters involved and the general story line.  For example:  In the Goku Black Arc, Zamasu is still the enemy and Universe 10 is involved.  But, there are key details that change the story line, such as Trunks trained under Supreme Kai Shin, and became a de facto Kaio-Shin.

So how does this all translate to the television series, and more specifically how does this link to the upcoming battle between Goku and Jiren the Gray.

In the manga, they speak about "completing" Super Saiyan Blue.  The concept is to seal the aura of Super Saiyan Blue completely in your body, thus maximizing its power and fighting at a 100%.  This is similar to when Whis taught Goku and Vegeta how to obtain God Ki, but the manga takes it a step further.

When the person is able to master this technique their power level sky rockets.  As you'll see in the corresponding images below.  Goku and Vegeta are getting their butt's kicked by merged Zamasu.  Vegeta acts a decoy so that Trunks can heal Goku.  Knowing that they only have one shot to win, Vegeta buys Trunks time to heal a damaged Goku.  Goku in turn decides to max out his efforts and power, and seals Blue's aura completely in his body.

In doing this Goku raises his power level tremendously and fights on par to greater than the power level of merged Zamasu.  Vegeta explains it below.

Strategy 1 - In the television series Goku will learn how to seal Blue's aura completely in his body and raise his power level significantly to equal that of merged Zamasu, which may be equivalent or closer to, that of Jiren the Gray.

The other thing that the manga show is that Goku learns Beerus' hakai technique.  The hakai technique essentially uses your God Ki to disintegrate anything.  It can be a living entity to a spiritual entity.  We have seen both Beerus and Sidra use this technique in Dragon Ball Super so we have to assume that this is an ability of the Gods of Destruction. 

It is immensely powerful and there seems to be no counter for it.

Strategy 2 - Goku uses the hakai technique on Jiren the Gray.  However, he may do it to severely injure him but not kill him, as killing is not allowed in the tournament.

The last possible way Goku can beat Jiren the Grey on his own is by increasing his power level so greatly that he will be stronger than that of the angels.

Below is a chart that XpertGamer created on power levels.

When Goku sealed the power of blue he became as powerful to that of merged Zamasu which is greater than Beerus (according to this chart). 

We are assuming that the mortal greater than his own universe's God of Destruction is Jiren, and we already know that this person is stronger than Beerus.  Therefore Goku has to find a way to be stronger than Beerus and this is the first documented way of doing so.

However, we do not know how much stronger Jiren is compared to Beerus, so Goku may still need an additional power-up.

Strategy 3 - Goku seals the power of Blue inside of him, and uses Kaio-Ken as an additional power boost.  Kaio-Ken will give him the strength to match Jiren the Grey.  But, the reason Goku will win and knock off Jiren is because he has superior fighting technique due to his intense combat history and training. 

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