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Dragon Ball Super - Speculations and Reactions after Episode 98

If you are reading this post then you probably saw last night's episode of Dragon Ball Super - Episode 98 (aired on July 8, 2017).

That was perhaps the best, as well as the darkest episode in the Universal Survival Arc so far.  Just to recap, the warriors from Universe 9 ganged up and attacked Goku and Vegeta.  Initially, Goku and Vegeta struggled against the opposition, but then turned it around on them and eliminated the team with the exception of Roselle who Frieza eliminated.

After Universe 9's defeat, the Zenos erased Universe 9 as well as the God of Destruction Sidra, Supreme Kai Roh, and the warriors from existence.  The episode closes with the Grand Priest looking at Goku in the aftermath.

Full Disclosure - In these posts I speculate on what I think will happen in the Universe Survival Arc.  I do not know what will happen, but I take pieces from what I see on the show and from what I read online and try to piece it together.

To checkout what I thought may happen prior to this episode click on link below.
Predictions in Universe Survival Arc up to Episode 97

In my opinion it was obvious that Universe 9 was going to be eliminated first.  This is mainly because Toriyama made such an effort to make the Supreme Kai Roh such a dis-likable character from the get go.  Unlike the other Kais, he is loud, obnoxious, and emits this sense of menace and malice.  Usually when characters are built up in this manner they become the antagonist in the plot line, and eventually have to be removed from the story line.

However, with Universe 9 gone, there are no clear villains left except for Frieza and Frost.  But it is unclear how they will play out in the grand scheme of things.

There is this theory that the Grand Priest is the true villain in this arc.

It was mentioned by Whis and Beerus in the earlier episodes that there were 18 universes at one time.  For whatever reason, Zeno got upset and decided to erase 6 of them, leaving the 12 universes we now know.  Unlike in the Tournament of Power, none of the angels in those universes survived the erasing.

It is believed that the Grand Priest is the father to all of the angels, and lost 6 of his children in the erasing of those universes.  The Grand Priest, after losing his children in the first erasure, made sure that during the Tournament of Power that none of his kids would be erased from existent despite that Universe's team losing in the tournament.

Tortured by his guilt for not being able to save his children, he sought to enact revenge on Zeno, but knew he could not do it alone.

Currently, there are 8 Universes participating in the Tournament of Power.  I believe that in the end, Universes 6, 7, and 11 will remain standing.  The reason I say this is because the writers have committed a great deal of time and effort to build certain characters such as: Hit, Cabba, Caulifa, Champa, Toppo, and Jiren.  Furthermore, Goku, Hit, and Jiren appear to be on another fighting level compared to all the other combatants, and I don't think any of them will be defeated.  At the conclusion of the tournament they will have to declare a tie, with Jiren the Grey being recognized as the greatest fighter.

Jiren will not make a wish initially, but will ask that when he is ready that he will be able to use the orbs.

So, that means 5 Universes will be erased, thus creating 5 free standing angels.

In the current arc, there are four guardians that travel with the two Zenos.

The Grand Priest who is already aware that these guardians are extremely powerful, knows that he cannot beat them and get to both Zenos on his own.  The now free angels will assist the Grand Priest in orchestrating a coup of "the World".  Four of the angels will battle the guards, while one of the angels, Mojito of Universe 9, and the Grand Priest will seek to destroy the Zenos.

This will all be done in a clandestine manner to catch everyone off guard.  Zeno, as mentioned by Beerus, is not a fighter.  He doesn't have that sense within him to be on his guard at all times, and furthermore he would not expect someone to sneak attack him since almost everyone seems terrified by him.

The ensuing coup, and transfer of power will cause a seismic shift throughout the remaining universes.  The remaining angels will join the Grand Priest in seizing complete control.  This in turn will lead to a war between the Angels and the Gods of Destructions with the mortals aligned with the Gods.

Thank you for reading and I would love to hear your reactions and thoughts to this concept!!  Please comment and offer some feedback, as well as subscribe for more future posts!!  


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