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Finding a good baby carrier is like finding a good man...

It takes a lot of time and you have to go through a lot of bad ones.
Before I had a baby, I thought the simplest way to figure out what kind of gear I would need was to read reviews on sites like Baby Gear Lab and Baby Center (if only parenting were this simple.) As ergo was consistently named one of the best carriers, I felt fortunate when my sister-in-law re-gifted me her never used ergo carrier. Unfortunately, my baby did not feel the same way. I quickly discovered why the ergo was never used by my sister-in-law. Whenever I put my baby in the ergo, he cried. Not cute little kitten squeals, but full on pterodactyl type shrieks. So desperate was my little one to escape from the ergo that he would arch his back and use his feet to launch himself off of me in some kind of deranged baby suicide attempt. There was nothing ergonomic about the ergo for my baby or I, so we moved onto the baby k’tan.
I loved my baby k’tan – it was soft, comfy, easy to put on and oh so cuddly. It reminded m…

My experience in saving for college as a new parent -- funding a 529

When I was a senior in high school my mom came into my room and had one of the briefest and realest conversations with me that I have ever had.I was working on college applications and still in the process of figuring out which schools I would apply to.I had created a list of 10 schools.Most were schools that had admission standards that I could meet, in cool locations, and close to friends who I had grown-up with.I think she knew at the time that I was looking at schools that fit that criteria instead of investigating other important items such as:

- Which schools specialized in the majors that I was interested in?
- Which schools had a proven track record of helping undergraduates find employment after graduation?
- Costs of tuition versus benefits

So, my mom comes into my room and says to me, “Son, you can go to a state school and we’ll be fine, or you can go to a private school and our family will struggle”.I nodded, and understood the situation.I changed that list from 10 to 4, all…

Management Styles - How to turn the ship around

Turn the Ship Around! By David Marquet is a book on leadership and management style in working within a turnaround project.  David Marquet is a retired naval captain and was captain to the nuclear submarine, the Santa Fe.
In the Navy, there is a clear hierarchy of power.  The formation of the organization is like a pyramid, and it is designed as a leader-follower model of leadership.  The leader-follower model is where the senior officer will give orders and the junior personnel would follow.  The expectation is obedience to authority, and punitive measures for those who step out of line.  In some situations, this style of leadership works.  In situations where this does work, the efficacy of the leadership model goes out the window when the leader leaves.  This is because the commander has been the driving force behind the organization, and is keeping all his subordinates on task. 
Before Mr. Marquet became a captain, he was a junior officer aboard the Sunfish.  He implemented a le…

Sleep training in weeks one through six

As short as a few weeks ago, my wife gave birth to our son.He has been a treasure and a blessing.As new parents, we learned quickly that it is difficult to decipher what his cries mean.Most of the time I assumed he was hungry, needed a change, or wanted to be held.I was unaware that newborns could be bored, overstimulated, and/or overtired.In addition, it seems that with every few days his noises change slightly.Lately his pitch is slightly higher, the volume has gotten louder, the length of his cries has increased, and his cries seem to have changed meaning.

A mistake that I have been consistently making is putting a bottle in his mouth every time he cried.I think this is a mistake most parents make because it seems to settle their kids down.So, the logic becomes if it settles him down, then it must be what he wants.

The obvious problem with that thinking is that it makes you believe that all he needs is to eat, while he may be yearning for something else, such as a change or to be…